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Waste Scenes (2024)
two channel video (40:39) 
collaboration with Fred Schmidt-Arenales

Bronx Museum and Vox Populi Gallery

Waste Scenes is a two channel video installation created while in residence at RAIR (Recycled Artist in Residency) in Philadelphia, which is situated in an operating construction and demolition recycling facility. The work juxtaposes original footage of performances based on found texts, observational footage shot onsite, and digitized found media sourced from the waste stream (including books, VHS tapes, Audio Cassettes, Vinyl, and Super 8 film). Composed from the material and ideological detritus of the post-industrial northern U.S., the film reckons with failed neoliberal visions of the good life set against the waste it has produced. 


Bronx Calling Is All About Knowledge and Agency Hyperallergic

Directed by Maia Chao and Fred Schmidt-Arenales

Edited by Chelsea Knight with additional editing by Fred Schmidt-Arenales and Maia Chao

Cinematography: Ty Burdenski and Catching on Thieves

Additional Cinematography: Melissa Langer, Maia Chao, Fred Schmidt-Arenales

Location Sound: Catching on Thieves, Ky Cooper, Fred Schmidt-Arenales

Featuring: Dan Schwartz, Parker Sera, Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe, Philadelphia Voices of Pride

Color Correction: Ben Neufeld

Sound Mix: Hans Hansdale

Funded By: The Velocity Fund, Illuminate the Arts, Sachs Program for Arts Innovation

Produced while in residence at Recycled Artist in Residence (RAIR)

Thank you: Mehgan Abdel-Moneim, Judith Belmont, Henry Bradley, Blanche Brown, Andy Davis, Eliza Doyle, Anna Drozdowski, Billy Dufala, Julia Gladstone, Jenna Horton, Anne Lukins, Leslie Miller, Ryan Pater, Netta Sadovsky, Randy Shine, Alexa West

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