Mapping my presence in specific moments in time created by unique convergences of infinite ever-shifting variables

Video Documentation and Hand-drawn Map


How far can I extend through space? Despite complex technologies, the only accessible and suitable tool that can distinguish the voice from other frequencies in space is the human ear. Standing in the middle of the woods, I belted as loud as I could at the highest note that fit comfortably within my vocal range. The note was an A440– a musical standard known as the Concert A, which musicians use to tune their instruments. Over the course of 6 hours, my partner walked the perimeter of my voice, dropping GPS pins at the nebulous threshold where my voice became indistinguishable. In seeking to map something as immaterial as the voice, this pseudo-scientific endeavor is fraught with imprecision produced by changing conditions in the environment, the subject, and the researcher’s tools. Variables proliferate: temperature, humidity, precipitation, time of day, volume of voice, amount of ear wax, etc. This project presents the scientific method of mapping with admitted subjectivity, foregrounding the relationship between the researcher and the researched, an element often minimized in claims to objectivity.