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Hiring (Series of 5)

Sand-cast glass, commercial carpet tiles



Ambiguous glass forms rest on commercial carpet tiles, whose busy patterns are designed to conceal dirt and messes. The glass shapes occasionally allude to the office spill—a cup of coffee dropped on the floor, an unexpected interruption in the workday. Each composition is titled according to common job interview questions like, What is your greatest strength? and Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  

Associated with powerful properties of omniscience and knowing (e.g. the crystal ball), glass orients the viewer in relation to visions of a future. Seductive and shiny, like a new corporate job offering, the translucent and undefined objects invite viewers to project their own meanings. In contrast to the blunt questions that frame them, the ambiguous forms defy containment and definition. 

Flirting with the absurd, this series calls into question the institutionalized ways in which corporate culture measures one's “value" in the job market. With titles that directly address “you,” viewers are asked to interrogate the work place and their relationship to dominant notions of success, failure, and the unknown.

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