Gently Used (2018)

TV Show (3:00 excerpt)

Aired on Provincetown TV

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Recorded in the basement of our childhood home, my sister and I sell hoarded family belongings, interviewing my parents and recounting the social histories of each item. The items are listed for purchase on ebay, making transparent the economy of the artwork. By locating its contents outside of a typical art market, the project is also a pragmatic effort to address the financial needs of a creative practice. The work explores personal questions of social aspiration, material excess, sustainability, and family history, while also serving as a genuine attempt to deaccession and question our enduring attachment to things.

As a mechanism of decluttering, the work was not entirely successful: a few items sold to strangers on eBay while several others were re-purchased through the online bidding system by my parents, who found that the work renewed their interest in these forgotten objects. In fact, during the first exhibition of this work, my father managed to acquire a new table that was property of the gallery and used for the installation. I paid my parents back for the cost of their bids and did not make a profit. 

Co-Host: Zoë Chao

Videography: Daniel Stern

Special Guests: Sue Carroll and Bruce Chao


Exhibition Photos

(Hudson D. Walker Gallery, Provincetown, MA)