Evidence of Art

Photogravure print



Upon receiving my assigned studio I inspected its many signs of previous use. I inherited the space with a few paint cans, a mini fridge containing a jar of salsa, newspapers, Styrofoam, and a scattering of small holes in the wall. While I promptly discarded the abandoned objects, I became intrigued by the holes as archaeological artifacts– products of human activity, material removal, and art making. Each hole unique, its form evinces the force with which it was made and the possible tools used. Clusters of similar holes suggest repeated attempts of mounting, suspending, or pinning. Denser constellations indicate preferred spaces in the room, and their common horizon indexes the former artist's height and reach. These minute markings have oriented me within the legacy of a shared space. Reproduced as prints through the material removal of etching, I insist on their significance and explore the convergence of the microscopic and macroscopic, as the forms invoke cosmic vocabulary reminiscent of lunar photographs.