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Drawn Together (2021) 

Intervention at Cuchifritos Gallery

Collaboration with Yxta Maya Murray, Mira Dayal, Simon Wu, and Anaïs Duplan

This collaborative intervention is sited at Cuchifritos Gallery and aims to repair the contractual relationships between art institutions, artists, curators, and art workers through legal intervention. A 501(c)(3) non-profit, Cuchifritos Gallery is committed to “advancing the vision of emerging and underrepresented artists and curators.” The project is inspired by the etymological roots of legal contractual language, which originate in care, mutuality, and healing. 

In an effort to close the gap between the Gallery’s stated mission and its practices, we hosted a series of story-telling circles and workshops with twenty-five BIPOC emerging artists and curators to gather their experiences (and horror stories) of contracting with art institutions. Based on these workshops, we proposed a set of legal recommendations to modify the bylaws that govern Cuchifritos, and therefore also modify the organizations legal contracts. Among the changes: transparent publication of all contracts with artists, a contract mentorship program, and built-in negotiation and renegotiation periods. 

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